LED Neon Flex
Outdoor rated and UL Compliant, this fixture is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Available in programmable versions that allow for dynamic control over color and animated effects.
Make the switch to LED Neon Flex, the patented LED neon lighting fixture. Discover why our neon light fixture has the advantage over traditional glass neon and other more conventional lighting. Our products are smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient and come with a 5 year limited warranty. For a quick overview of our products, check out our comparison chart!






Vivid Series of LED Neon Flex

Vivid S 270

Vivid S 270 is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting the perimeters and outlines.

Vivid S 160

Vivid S 160 is a member of the LED Neon Flex series with smooth flat exterior that allows various monochromatic lighting solutions and produces superior homogenized illumination along its full length.

Vivid Wave

Vivid Wave packs an amazing amount of technology into a remarkably small package. Vivid Wave is our brightest fixture and goes as bright as 480 Lumen!

Vivid Wave 320

Thanks to 3 lit sides, Wave 320 has become our brightest specialized fixture, capable of up to 800lm/m output. This fixture boasts the widest beam angle out of the LED Neon Flex products. Because of this, it is the best choice for projects with multiple viewing angles.

Vivid Wave Mini

Boasts our smallest profile yet, measuring only 0.39in by 0.39in (10mm by 10mm). Available in side bending as well as top bending profiles, it provides designers with the capability of highlighting design features with seamless, dot-free illumination.

Vivid Contour

Vivid Contour has almost no bend radius from left to right, allowing you to bend it as tight as you like. Vivid Contour delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon Flex Vivid in a smaller package.

Vivid Basic

Flexibility is just one of the many features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns, previously not possible.

Vivid Pixel

Vivid Pixel is DMX Addressable (In-House Programming Available) allowing for chasing and programmable scenes.

Vivid RGB

RGB Color changing LED Neon Flex Vivid is by far the most reliable color changing flexible neon product on the market.

Vivid Dynamic White

Control the quality, color, and quantity of light. Dynamic White LED technology unlocks the potential to customize your exterior lighting replacing a variety of sources while recreating the feel of natural daylight with one fixture type.

Vivid True Color

Are you concerned about the color accuracy of your company’s signage and lighting? Using the RAL color standard, we can reproduce your company’s color palette in vibrant LED lighting.

Vivid Light Strip

This fixture is fully encased in a flexible PVC chamber, and when used in conjunction with our patented connectors a water resistance rating of IP67 is achievable.



Lighting designers & sign makers can feel confident using our LED Neon Flex in a wide array of applications.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

  • Signage
  • Architectural Outlines
  • Border Lighting
  • Stage Lighting
  • Replacing Traditional Neon

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Thoroughly Tested

LED Neon Flex thoroughly tests all of its products to ensure the highest standards. We’re happy to provide the test results to show our commitment to an innovative, high quality product.


  • IP68 Rated
  • UL Listed
  • IK08 Impact Rating


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