Vivid Contour is our most flexible LED Neon Flex and one of our smallest, measuring 0.35in by 0.71in (9mm by 18mm). Vivid Contour is a perfect fit for signage applications, accent or recessed lighting. The flexible PCB with the latest in SMD technology delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon Flex in a smaller package for applications with extreme bends.

With a durable PVC encapsulation, this fixture stands up against even the harshest environments. Choose between Seamless or Submersible Seamless ends for projects that will be hard to maintain, or outside in the weather. Snap or Swivel connectors are a DIY option for projects that will not be subjected to the elements.

Vivid Contour

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  • Power: 12V – 1.37W/ft (4.5W/m) / 24V – 1.07W/ft (3.5W/m)
  • Voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Color: 2500K – 6500K R/G/B/A
  • Lumen: 45lm/m – 110lm/m
  • Cutting Unit: 4.92in (125mm) | 3.28in (83.3mm) | 1.64in (41.7mm)
  • Maximum Packing length: 50 Meters
  • Dimmable
  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Download Specification Sheets
Contour 24V Contour 12V

Contour 24V
  • 24V Wiring Diagram

    Proper Wiring instruction for Vivid Contour, LED Neon Flex
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  • Install Guide

    How to properly install this fixture and ensure you do not void your warranty
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