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The following information refers only to the Terms & Conditions toward visiting Green LED Lighting Solutions Inc. (GLLS) website www.glls.com.
All images, text, videos, and multimedia demos/presentations belong to GLLS for the exclusive use on this web site, unless otherwise noted. If you have an interest in using any of the media present on this site, you can contact our marketing department.

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Submitted Information

GLLS will not share with third parties any information collected or submitted. In certain areas requiring user inputted data, GLLS will ask your permission to contact you for different specified reasons. We will actively maintain email subscription lists for newsletters. If you feel that you have been subscribed in error please email our web team.
Before submitting any information or ideas to GLLS, it is important to know our terms. Please note that it’s in your best interest to have a protected (patent, patent pending) idea. If you have an idea that is simply confidential or secret it’s our policy not to accept it. We will regard any ideas or inventions that you submit to GLLS as Non-confidential. As such, GLLS will be under no obligation to keep such information confidential. GLLS will also have the right to use the ideas or inventions without your consent or any third party’s consent.

However, to your benefit, if you have a patented invention, your disclosing the invention will not be construed as granting us a patent license. You agree that the only rights that you can assert in connection with ideas, inventions as well as other material that you disclose to GLLS are your patent rights, if any. Without limitation of the foregoing, by providing us with information, you must waive any trade secrets, copyrights, moral rights, rights of publicity or privacy, or other non-patent intellectual property rights throughout the world.

Additionally, GLLS reserves the right to use segments or full text, images, as well as any multimedia included in any electronic communication submitted to GLLS.
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